Boost your operation to Brazil

Enhance the performance of your iGaming business's payment process

Unlock a comprehensive solution crafted to boost revenue generation within the Brazilian market. Benefit from a stable and scalable payment flow, alongside high conversion rates that instill user trust and fortify transaction security


The preferred payment method for 87% of Brazilian consumers

Pix is an instant payment method developed by the Central Bank of Brazil. It allows payments to occur in real-time, 24/7, including weekends and holidays.

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High Performance

+5,000 transactions per minute, 99% completed in under 30 seconds, +90% payin conversion and 98,3% payout success rate.

Processing Redundancy

Efficiency supported by intelligent tools and connection to multiple partners that guarantee the success of your operation.


Complete Solution

A unified platform for receiving and making payments to third parties with your own balance, ensuring optimal performance, integrated eFX solution, competitive and transparent fees.

Easy Management

Customized reports and information from a payment expert platform that collaborates to optimize operational control and reconciliation of values in the iGaming segment.

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Authorized Payment Institution

WEpayments is an IP (Payment Institution) authorized by the Central Bank of Brazil. Only institutions of this nature are fully compliant and able to offer technological, financial and regulatory guarantees and security for your company.


Merchant Support

Dedicated account manager and specialized team to guide your integration, optimize transaction processing, address inquiries, and handle other requests with 100% humanized assistance, ensuring quick problem resolution.

Legal and Compliance Support

Our legal team combines efficiency, agility, and security models to assist you in complying with Brazilian regulations and onboarding bettors.


Risk Management

Specialized analyses with advanced resources for compliance verification with Brazilian regulations, as well as detecting and preventing fraud attempts.

Optimized Validation

We request only strictly necessary information, enhancing the user experience without compromising transactional security.

High Speed

Payments processed in fractions of a second with guaranteed reprocessing - intelligence to increase payment conversion.

User Support

Ensure customer loyalty and full compliance with Brazilian regulations with support for your end users in their native language.

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